Curating: a disruptive technique for disruptive technologies


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  • Curation

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  • Curating: a disruptive technique for disruptive technologies



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    Keywords: Disruption, disruptive technologies, prototyping, authenticity, curating, action research, criteria, audience experience, interactivity.
    ACM Classification Keywords: J.5 – Arts and Humanities, Fine Arts General Terms Design; Documentation; Experimentation; Human Factors; Measurement; Theory; Verification

    This paper focuses on curating interactive art in ways disruptive to the traditionally disparate disciplines of fine arts, creative robotics, business theory and philosophy. It takes the interdisciplinary design of interactive systems outside labs/studios and into institutions and cityscapes in the form of prototype exhibitions. The artworks become schema for hypotheses offered for evaluation through the medium of audience engagement. This PhD research focuses on authenticating the audience’s experience of interactive art; first defining parameters for authenticity within fine arts and creative robotics, then examining how, through the application of evaluative frameworks to iterative exhibition processes, one might capture and utilize the audience as a material in itself. Through an examination of responsive systems, both artists and curator will be led through critical and creative spaces by speculative design, audience engagement and evaluation, and analysis of data collected. The exhibitions for examination are/will be produced by PhD researcher Deborah Turnbull Tillman through her research initiative New Media Curation (NMC).

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