Cyberart and the New Territories of Art


Session Title:

  • History and Theory of the Art and Technology Interface

Presentation Title:

  • Cyberart and the New Territories of Art



  • Cyberart and the New Territories of Art is the first major survey research of works in electronic arts by contemporary artists of Cyberspace.The research yields an intriguing and diverse array of works that explores new potentials for creative expression and interactivity. As part of my research, I try:


    1. to preview and analyze the new dimension and strategy of Art in the new territories of cyberspace;
    2. to look for innovations capable of reflecting the changes in consciousness which have undeniably taken place over the last three decades, to create an artistic and theoretical network that would interact with the networks of other parts of the world.
    3. In order to focus on new strategies and new ideologies of Contemporary Art, a free artists’ forum was created.The following subjects have been examined:
    4. the development of art in post-totalitarian Cyberspace in comparison with the cultural situation in post-industrial societies;
    5. the changes of cultural consciousness in Cyberspace as a result of the introduction of new technologies, electronic media and non-traditional forms of cultural activity;
    6. processes of integration and dissemination in post-totalitarian regions.The expected outcomes should allow;
    7. to anticipate the expansion of the dissemination of information, entertainment and social discourse in Cyberspace;
    8. to stimulate artists who work in electronic medium, or who are considering it;
    9. to involve and inform different audiences, to interest institutions in artists’ use of electronic medium, to inform European students of the potential for expression and communication using this medium.