“Cyberdelia Mexicana x” presented by Ramirez


Presentation Title:

  • Cyberdelia Mexicana x



  • Cyberdelia Mexicana A.C. is a Media Art association, based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. It focuses on the artistic manifestations that touch the intersection between technology, body and consciousness, in all its facets, from the study of machinic, biological and material systems. It addresses multiple combinations, manifestations and hybridizations of technological art, such as interactive design, immersion, AR/MR/VR, neuro-hacking, algorithmic music, bio-art, human-machine symbiosis, digital manufacturing, computer vision, AI/ML, computational design, among others.

    Cyberdelia Mexicana A.C. emerges as a figure that encompasses the practice and independent expression of technological art in the city of Guadalajara. Its main objective is to articulate, promote and create spaces for exchange of knowledge and professionalization in the field of Media Art with local actors and institutions in dialogue with institutions and communities abroad through the creation of cultural dialogue and exchange spaces such as the ANEMONAL festival, live audiovisual events, art residencies, conferences, exhibitions of technological art, workshops and a physical space, Laboratorio Media Arts in center of the city.