Cyvers City


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  • Mapping the City and Urban Identity

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  • Cyvers City




  • In a peculiar dynamic pixels melt in an hypothetic city : the cyvers city and the informational one…A particular idea of space-time is generated  by ‘strecthing’ the time. Movements of evolution and degradation merge from the text in un ambiguous and apparently linear space. At the first sight, the spectator does not recognize the place or view of the city. With the application of an algorithmic- poetical language, we reach the essential meaning of Cyvers…

    The first sequences that become visible concern changes that man produces in the environment. The images’ mutation is related to the recent epidemics and environmental catastrophes that motives the scientific environment. After a while the signs and indications appear in a kind of loop, but in an extra-temporal text-space. By technological means I create a metaphor of living processes and represent the historical changes that men produced in the environnement.

    In the project Cloning Shapes the images are born of a flux created by a particular program and algorithmic. The words are transformed into images letters, viruses and pixels generated by a genetic, unpredictable and evolutive algorithm. In the global era, cyvers is a synthesis of morphogenetics and physics contents, constructing a total art work.

    It is in this way that I understand the peer to peer network, in the construction of a new poetical and intelligent environment. Poesis and techne synthesize the actual language of a digital civilisation. The general meaning of my project is that with cyvers :  poetry and techne we can change the world.

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