Daedalus System


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  • Tools and Methods

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  • Daedalus System



  • Regarding 0rgia, his first play, written in 1968, Pier Paolo Pasolini said:
    “Orgia relains the habits of the lyrical author, who considers the monologue as the most dramatic of theatrical events. It retains enough ‘action’ that cursed action that the cinema, television and the gesticular theatre have since monopolised”.

    Pier Paolo Pasolini also gives the key to his poetic production with this expression:
    “Ab gioia le rossignol qui chante ab gioia: joie par joie“.

    And it is this expression alone, without cultural explanation or any other factor, that Jean Lambert-Wild has tried to recapture in the preparation for death of which Orgia is a symbol. It was very important to him that the scenery reflects the latest techniques for communication. The Daedalus system is a scenic interaction between actors and artificial organisms. These organisms have been created from algorithms inspired by living organisms that can be found at the bottom of the sea. We call these artificial organisms ‘Posydones’.