“De I’animat a I’infiltrat” presented by Bec


Session Title:

  • Artificial Life: Challenges and Possibilities

Presentation Title:

  • De I’animat a I’infiltrat




  • It is now possible, using all the artifacts of artificial life, to construct a typology which takes into account a certain form of evolution. This evolution is part of a biomimetic by the construction of Animats. In this phase, the objective was to further general biological knowledge by constructing models which simulate living behaviour. In a second phase, the orientation and parameters that determine this evolution were enlarged and refined by the transfer of biological cognition to constructed technological devices. A new class of artifacts appeared, the Adaptats, conceived from Larmarkian or Darwinian presuppositions. This binomial Animat/Adaptat is symptomatic of a line of inquiry which continues to try to employ a relatively classic approach to study life as it is.