“Deciphering Realities, Moving Frontiers” presented by Trinidade and Guillou


Session Title:

  • Reality Jamming 1

Presentation Title:

  • Deciphering Realities, Moving Frontiers




  • This paper intertwines our respective artistic and scientific investigations by deeply explorating “In Question”, a “space” created by Regina Trindade and produced in collaboration with Hervé Guillou in an experimental and critical approach. “In Question” is part of the artistic project “Perception intertwining”, four “spaces” articulated, interconnected by fluxes of biological, cultural, imaginary and symbolic information. This project is inscribed in the complex relation established today between art, biology and the society.

    The discoveries in biology about the organisation and functioning of the living are the basis of numerous technological inventions which open possibilities of direct interferences of human on the living matter, including programming, transforming and creating living matter. Probably, by these actions differing from what we were used to, has us transiting between our “real” and “fictional” constructions. The shifting frontiers become more and more permeable and we are taken along toward a “creative-doing” linked to the complexity of the contemporary “doing” and “thinking”, which affect art, science, ethics, philosophy. Thus, we evoke artistic and scientific practices involved in deciphering the “reality” while creating new worlds or ways to perceive it.

    “In Question” is a work of cell culture on protein micro-pattern, which deals with the interactions and modifications enabled by the “bio-and-technology” applied to living systems. The geometric shapes adopted by the cell result from the constraints imposed by the artist and, on the other hand, from elements which escape us. These shapes amaze us and question our willing to control the living. A dynamic to be grasped by a “in between” biologic-social, natural-artificial, reality-virtuality and “amongst” several symbolic links. In this paper, we start from the process of creation and production of “In Question” to come up to the reflections of the artist and the scientist arising from our common interests for the dynamic of the living systems at the theoretical, experimental, technological levels and the questions posed. We propose here to weave together the presence and virtuality of science and the creation of “new possibles” by the artistic and scientific intervention.

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