Denis Hurley Centre


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  • Denis Hurley Centre




  • Since 2015, the Denis Hurley Centre has served the needs of the poorest people in central Durban. We bring together and work with the full range of citizens of Durban: Jewish, Hindu,  Christian and Muslim; black, white and brown; South Africans and foreign nationals; able-bodied and disabled; poor and wealthy. We offer the poorest in the city service through our clinic, feeding scheme, vocational training, educational and community support, and pastoral outreach. We also host arts programmes, lectures and events. We treat all people with the respect and honour they deserve as children of the one God. Our inspiration and namesake was Durban’s archbishop for 45 years.

    Denis Hurley was known in South Africa and internationally as a courageous proponent of justice and peace, opponent of apartheid and forward-thinking churchman. Our home, the Denis Hurley Centre, is a major new landmark building in the middle of possibly the busiest, most vibrant and diverse area of Durban. We are located between the Emmanuel Cathedral, the Grey Street Mosque, and the Victoria Street Market, sharing the space with a multitude of street traders and swarms of taxis. We work in partnership with other NGOs, corporates, educational institutions and faith groups who are committed to transforming inner-city Durban. We are proud that over 60% of our funding comes from Durban and less than 20% from beyond South Africa.