Digital aesthetics: an African reading


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  • Digital aesthetics: an African reading



  • Resume : To pose the problematic of the African glance on the numerical aesthetic, it is to indicate the place and the role of the artists and critics of Africa in the use of new supports and new tools in the universe of Part_ The present communication is a testimony but also a call for the current stage of art to be combined with the human, that is to say brings all men from a mastery of digital.

    For the Black Continent, the future is combined with the mastery and appropriation of all scientific tools. Which authorizes to prophesize that the 21 ‘Meek will be African we will not be! Not to launch an easy joke, but to make a statement that can be made by carefully examining the aesthetic marks in which is defined
    Aesthetic? Because, among the things that shape a civilization and identify the particularities of the men and women who carry such a civilization in their being, there is mainly artistic production and aesthetic discourse. Two axes of reflection to say it: the first would indicate in which of all the classical aesthetics, the plastic aesthetic remains that of all time, the second would develop the relation of complementarity or mutual fertilization between the plasticity, the numerical and the becoming of Africa in the world.

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