“Digital Museum and User Experience: The Case of Google Art & Culture” presented by Kim and Lee


Session Title:

  • Curatorial Practice

Presentation Title:

  • Digital Museum and User Experience: The Case of Google Art & Culture




  • Museum websites have evolved from offering information on the collections of institutions over the virtual space to providing the richer user experience. However, previous research in museology has mainly focused on the causal relationship between online users and actual visitors of physical museums, neglecting users’ behaviour within the digital platform or human-computer interaction (HCI). This study aims to explore the way in which online users are affected by the interface tools of digital museums with a case study of the Google Art & Culture. Drawing on the concept of remediation [1], our analysis reinforces the interactivity based on its interface tools such as “Zoom-in” and “Museum View” for delivering information (transparency) and “User Gallery”, “Share”, and “Details” for compelling experience (reflectivity). The outcome of this research suggests ways in which museum professionals can develop and manage user interface of their institutions.