Digital performance in flesh and bones


Presentation Title:

  • Digital performance in flesh and bones



  • Keywords: Popular culture, aesthetic of art, creation process, metacreation

    This artwork investigates the Brazilian urban body through performance. Unifying concepts of new rhythmic music and conceptual dance in performance, this article uses artistic movements in Brazil that are suffering marginalization by breaking with the established aesthetic. Discoursing about aesthetic axioms, the influence of technology in people’s daily lives and connecting those elements with music and dance history pieces; this article aims to project questions around the value of popular culture. Small sketches of public dance interventions with live music are used in order to analyse the potential of daily movements and popular dance by digital media. Musical matrix connected to traditional rhythms involving everyday gestures, repetitions with the gradual introduction of electronic music in choreography after the performance, producing a videoart built by metacreation and performance concepts. We present a kind of critique of the new mass phenomenon that becomes a fever and viral spreads music icons and, through performance, invite the public to think about society reality and the questions around contemporary music, dance and old paradigms.

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