“Digital Strategies to Change the World (abridged)” presented by Langeland


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  • Playful Environments

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  • Digital Strategies to Change the World (abridged)




  • The claim of new technologies altering our world is omnipresent. But what power does this postulation really hold? In a kind of personal approach, related terms and concepts are examined and evaluated. The starting point for this investigation was a course called “Performativity, Interactivity, Computer Art – a bouquet of creations and explorations” in the Master program of Digital Media in Bremen, Germany. By analyzing a paper by researcher Espen Aarseth and familiar topics emerging around his work, like computer games, the ideological nature of hyped concepts is revealed. This paper also introduces two other approaches challenging Aarseth’s belief: the work of American artist Kristin Lucas and the section of captology, the study of computers as persuasive technology. A lot of buzz words dominate recent debates without having the potential of changing the world at all. But the concept of simulation, being used in a lot of different areas connected to Digital Media could be beneficial and worthwhile to pursue.

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