Disruptive Aesthetics for Interactive Artwork


Session Title:

  • Disruptive Methodology

Presentation Title:

  • Disruptive Aesthetics for Interactive Artwork



  • (Long paper)

    Keywords: Interactive Artwork, Digital Art, Activity Theory, Disruptive Aesthetics, Interactive Framework.

    In this research, we studied the disruptive aesthetics of interactive artwork based on the activity theory. The audience engages in interactive artwork not only for the pleasure of participation but also for the disruptive aesthetics of social values in the organization of human life. We analyzed audience activity in interactive artwork using the activity theory and created a framework with a basic structure for a disruptive aesthetics of interactive artwork. The audience engaged in interactive artwork and overthrew the social structure in three categories: disruptive rule, disruptive community, and disruptive role. Through the framework, artist will create a disruptive interactive artwork, and the audience will enjoy the interactive artwork as part of disruptive aesthetics.

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