ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base


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  • Summit on New Media Art Archiving: Papers

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  • ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base



  • The Electronic Literature Knowledge Base is an open-access contributory digital humanities database which documents the international field of electronic literature. Begun in 2010 as part of the HERA-Funded Collaborative Research Project ELMCIP, over the past eight years it has grown to become the premier online knowledge resource in the field, including records documenting creative works, critical writing, authors, organizations, events, teaching resources, software platforms, databases and archives in a way that demonstrates the relational connections between all of the objects and actors it documents. It grows steadily (currently including over 15,000 records), as it is documenting a very active contemporary field as it develops. Contributors include both members of the Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group and international researchers from around the globe.

    ELMCIP also participates in the Consortium of Electronic Literature (CELL), which is The Consortium on Electronic Literature (CELL) is an international organization led and managed by the ELO that currently includes 11 member organizations, research labs, and research centers. Since 2010, our collaborative network has been developing the information architecture needed for making born digital creative works and scholarly criticism findable across databases, world-wide. CELL developed a federated search engine (currently in re-development) that will enable search across all of the participating databases in the consortium.

    This infrastructure, which documents a field and domain closely tied to that of ISEA, is presented in hopes of exploring connections between this and related documentation and archive projects, and the possibility of working together to share ideas, practices, and advocacy for digital arts research infrastructure.


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