Embodied Cognition, Digital Cultures and Sensorimotor Debility


Session Title:

  • Machinic Sense & Sensibility: Embodied Cognition

Presentation Title:

  • Embodied Cognition, Digital Cultures and Sensorimotor Debility



  • This paper reflects on the qualities of life in digital cultures, the design of digital technologies and the philosophical history that has informed that design. The paper takes as its critical perspective the field of embodied cognition as it has developed over the last three decades, in concert with emerging neurophysiology and neurocognitive research. From this perspective the paper considers cognitive, neurological and physiological effects that are becoming noticed in user populations.

    This paper is informed by two decades of research into embodied cognition and its relationship with digital technologies and digital cultural practices – work that itself is grounded in two decades of R+D in technologies for embodied interaction.