“Entanglement” presented by Pampin, Kang and Kollin


Session Title:

  • Locating Media 2

Presentation Title:

  • Entanglement




  • Location-specific art reveals hidden layers of a space by adding new scope enhancing the participant’s experience in the space. Sound of a specific site describes not only physical character of the space but also the culture that involves human interaction. Entanglement transfers the three-dimensional sound space, so participants at two locations can experience, interact with, and create a multi-layered socio-cultural scene of two sound spaces entangled together.

    Entanglement uses a hyper-directional sound beam to draw a symbolic line between two distant locations. The sound field of each space pours into the other as if they are layered together in aural and physical space. When a participant in one space enters the sound beam, they hear an audio feed from the other space via a highly directional ultrasonic speaker array that forms a tight beam of sound that appears to come from the other site. When this beam is broken by a participant, a chaotic, processed version of the sound is played over loudspeakers heard over the entire space – as if breaking the beam caused it to ‘spill over’ into the room. Consequently an echo of this spill will be heard in the other space as well. With many participants in both locations, a carefully balanced feedback system is formed which is highly dependent on the movements of the individuals, showing the “entanglement” of the participant with their act of perception as well as the participants in the other space.

    This project is a part of a research project focusing on creating hyper-directional sound beams to manipulate sound projection in an analogue way to light and applying it to media art projects. This paper/artist presentation describes Entanglement; our current enhanced location-specific telematic project, and other sound art projects.

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