“Error in Audiovisual Apparatus as Aesthetic Value” presented by Schi­anchi


Session Title:

  • Perfection, Error, Sublime

Presentation Title:

  • Error in Audiovisual Apparatus as Aesthetic Value




  • An error seems to be that which gets between the ideal being and the real being; the error appears to be a singularity, a Non-being that transforms and distorts the Being. Audiovisual techniques, technologies, devices and media try to suppress errors; however, an ideological and aesthetic possibility hides behind the use of errors. A failure in an apparatus program often sends back a faulty image or a sound which cannot be otherwise conceived. Limits are blurred, and we are faced with the naked truth, without attires or pretenses. We receive data, waves, and exposed information according to an artificial mechanism which constantly defines itself in its errors. This is what makes an error unique, revolutionary and beautiful, and there lies its value.

    A short circuit in an appliance builds a new and unpredictable world that is embraced by the artistic field as one more aesthetic element.

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