ESKIN: Disruptive potentials for Transdisplinary Teams


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  • Brains in Electronic Arts

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  • ESKIN: Disruptive potentials for Transdisplinary Teams



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    Keywords: Visually impaired users, art and science, wearable interfaces, tactile and sound perception.

    «eskin» has been influenced by working with researchers in artificial intelligence, neuroscience and wearable computing who examine tactile perception, embodiment and brain plasticity. In this article I trace the inspirations, the challenges and the outcomes of this project with various scientists and technicians on the development of a prototype and the problems that evolved. What happens when the aims of projects are not clearly defined from the beginning of the project or when the funding is not adequate? It seems that experiment building in trans-disciplinary teams can be both, engaging as well as disruptively disengaging for artists and for users. This paper shows how the processes of production itself can either be encouraged by creative user engagement or driven by passions of artistic inquiry or stalled by disciplinary traditions and problems of communication.

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