“Experimenta Life Form” presented by Parsons, Kukucka and Pastore


Presentation Title:

  • Experimenta Life Form



  • Experimenta is Australia’s leading contemporary arts organisa-tion dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and promoting art driven by technology. Since its inception in 1986, Experimenta has developed a worldwide reputation for fostering creativity that extends the aesthetic, conceptual and experiential potential of new art forms. Experimenta showcases dynamic contemporary artworks at the nexus of art with digital media, science and tech-nology, and design. Melbourne based, with national and global reach, Experimenta supports Australian artists through regular touring exhibitions and major multi-artform projects. These exhi-bitions and projects present artists working with technology in unexpected and unconventional ways, creating artworks that are daring, ambitious, interactive and often remarkable. In September 2020 Experimenta will present its most ambitious exhibition theme to date: Life Forms. Experimenta Life Forms will show-case more than 20 leading contemporary Australian and Interna-tional artists whose work is about life as we know it, or indeed, as we don’t know it.


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