“Experimental Animation, Hybridisation and New Media” presented by Stewart


Session Title:

  • Hybridisation and Purity (Long Papers)

Presentation Title:

  • Experimental Animation, Hybridisation and New Media




  • This paper seeks to investigate the resurgence of experimental animation in terms of its  contemporary redefinition as an expanded and hybrid form of moving image practice, one that  moves beyond conventional reception, modes and sites of display and into the realm of new media art. Indeed while experimental animation is enjoying a revival in the animation industry and various film platforms, it is at the same time emerging as an expressive medium within new media art practice. This is partly due to the current dominance of moving practices within visual culture but can also be attributed to its innate interdisciplinary potential. Wells and Hardstaff (2008) acknowledge that a hybrid approach has always been present in experimental animation, but they argue that the digital era has brought this all-embracing characteristic of the genre to the fore because the digital revolution has provided a platform with seemingly endless creative potential (Wells & Hardstaff 2008: 7, 15)

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