“Exploring the experience in everyday pedestrian routes: watch for ‘routinised’ pedestrians” presented by Malisianou


Session Title:

  • Transformative Creativity - Participatory Practices I

Presentation Title:

  • Exploring the experience in everyday pedestrian routes: watch for ‘routinised’ pedestrians




  • Abstract

    In order to reach their daily destinations many people walk along the same pedestrian paths. Perhaps, at first, they gave this daily ‘journey’ their whole attention, but after a while they don’t actively notice it unless something out of the ordinary interrupts it. With time this everyday path can become over-familiar, an almost invisible part of the routine, where individuals walk around isolated in their own thoughts, trying to separate themselves from surrounding noises
    and visual information. Many people make use of these ‘in between’ moments of isolation for daydreaming, whereas others try to find ways of making them less ‘boring’. What causes these changes in people’s behaviour towards their surroundings? From studies of Environmental Psychology it is a proven fact that the environment, and therefore environmental stimulation, has an essential impact on people’s psychology

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