Exploring the ‘transitional’ in interactive 3D virtual environments


Session Title:

  • Transformative Creativity - Participatory Practices II

Presentation Title:

  • Exploring the ‘transitional’ in interactive 3D virtual environments




  • Abstract

    This study and its works aim to highlight the significance and place of a number of postmodern ideologies in the evaluation of today’s interactive 3D virtual environments (I3DVEs). They notably focus on the ideas of Deleuze concerning the correlation between elements, time, and space, which in these settings are ever changing and linked to, and determined by, the user’s movements and actions. In addition, the ephemeral aspect of components and shapes, and the pledge for lightness, transparency, and instantaneity are analyzed through a Bachelardian lens, to describe the passage from a culture of objects to that of instability and flow.

    In a transitory environment such as an interactive virtual world, the ‘transient’ derives from the capture of ‘appropriate instants’. Every moment is different, replaceable, repeatable, or could simply be ignored. The interval and passage from viewpoint to viewpoint and from shape to shape are of significant importance, and what is seen and felt has more to do with energy than with form. I3DVEs deal with ephemeral spaces between points. They result in deformation, dematerialisation, appearance, and disappearance of entities. They entail a constant change in scenery, perspective, mass and quantity.