“Fac­ing Shifts of Per­cep­tion” presented by Dolinsky


Session Title:

  • An Alembic of Transformation: Virtual Reality as Agent of Change

Presentation Title:

  • Fac­ing Shifts of Per­cep­tion




  • Panel: An Alembic of Transformation: Virtual Reality as Agent of Change

    The com­plex­ity of cre­at­ing art­work for vir­tual re­al­ity the­aters such as the CAVE Au­to­matic En­vi­ron­ment of­fers artists a mul­ti­far­i­ous palette that only be­gins with hard­ware and soft­ware. The aes­thet­ics of an ex­pe­ri­ence re­quires cre­at­ing a plas­tic en­vi­ron­ment that ig­nites the imag­i­na­tion in order to in­vei­gle the vis­i­tor and si­mul­ta­ne­ously en­gages the vis­i­tor. Vir­tual worlds im­merse vis­i­tors  with a range of per­cep­tual stim­uli (vi­sual, au­di­tory, kines­thetic…) that can be ex­ploited through the artis­tic process. By set­ting up sub­ver­sive con­fronta­tion be­tween the vis­i­tors and the worlds in terms of such tech­niques as per­spec­tive, il­lu­sion and pro­jec­tions, a per­cep­tual shift can occur that mo­men­tar­ily usurps or­di­nary re­al­ity. “Fig­u­ra­tively Speak­ing”, a VR en­vi­ron­ment for the CAVE, is based on orig­i­nal wa­ter­col­ors of ab­stract fig­ures whose faces, for the most part, are their bod­ies and con­cur­rently com­pose the land­scape.  This de­lib­er­ately con­founds the en­vi­ron­ment to en­gage the vis­i­tor in a face-to-face di­a­logue with par­tic­u­lar­ity and per­son­ality.

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