“Flâneuse>La Caminanta” presented by Gutiérrez


Presentation Title:

  • Flâneuse>La Caminanta



  • Flâneuse>La caminanta, is an interdisciplinarity art research project that addresses critical questions about gender inclusion, empowerment, and safety in public space. The project aims to explore intersectional feminist narratives through storytelling and technology. The title of the work, emphasizes a missing word in the French and Spanish language of women as wanderers. This lost world also represents, historically speaking, the lack of visibility in which the female-identifying bodies can safely perceive their autonomy as walkers. The project has three iterations, departing from a Virtual Reality documentary and then re-contextualized as an audiovisual performance. The project feeds from memories and experiences of mobility in public and private spaces by self-identified women, living in different cities. The performance is the result of collaborative work with two sound female artists working with improvisations and choreographic gestures. The result carries a multiplicity of voices, ages, nationalities, ethnicities, and approaches to the construction of the Flâneuse identity through the multilayered performance. The performance and VR documentary have presented in New York City at La Nacional culture center, Folly Systems Festival in La Roulette in Brooklyn, The Electronic Arts Festival of New York organized by Harvestworks, in NYC.