Flora Petrinsularis


Session Title:

  • Multimedia (The Next Generation)

Presentation Title:

  • Flora Petrinsularis



  • Abstract

    Flora Petrinsularis associates to a real book an other one, a virtual book to be flipped through on the screen. At any moment, the computer “sees” the page where the book is open to offer other levels of reading. The real book is composed of two parts, with quotations of The Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and a small herbarium including flowers collected in the very same places where Rousseau botanized. The virtual book opens interactive sequences of animated images and sounds. For each quotation, there is a video illustration, like an engraving, focused on a character from the short love scenes, in the very moments of outburst, selected from The Confessions. For each flower, the memory of the plant gathering and its metamorphosis into an image is presented. The work underlines the passage between two forms of books, or movies, one of a traditional and the other of a future format, and is based on a literary masterpiece which is always to be discovered. The interactive setting tries to make an interpretation of The Confessions that refers exclusively to the text itself, to its secret or revealed motivations as an exemplary self-analysis.