Flowers – the interactive pictures


Presentation Title:

  • Flowers - the interactive pictures




  • “Flowers” is a kind of interactive art works which used with a LCD projector and a camera. I already made test pieces which use traditional western oil paintings as moving pictures. These pieces interact something when an audience stands and moves in front of them.

    For instance, one of them is a portrait picture painted by Bronzino in Italy. A lady drawn in this picture is breathing slowly as if she lives. And if an audience gets across in front of her, she follows an audience with her eyes. Or if an audience stands in front of her, she makes a smile for an audience. (see the attached jpeg image) I held the exhibition to show them in the museum in Fall 2007.

    As the result, they attract not only art enthusiasts but also ordinary audiences to watch these pictures deeper. Watching Art is main concept. Therefore, I succeeded to get a good result in this exhibition.

    Next, I plan to make more direct interaction pieces using with an original subject, “flower”. In the next pieces, I will make flowers react by audience’s actions more directly. For instance, an audience can control flowers’ blooming and dying with his/her hand’s up and down. I think it will work good using long shooting pictures with an interval camera. Then, these pieces will fascinate audiences, controlling and stretching the “time”.