“Flows of Connection” presented by Benson and Vermeire


Session Title:

  • Online Panel Content

Presentation Title:

  • Flows of Connection



  • “Flows of connection” is a panel discussion which will explore the connective element of water across cultures, technologies and story. In this discussion water is given sentience as a life giving force and its role in supporting life on the planet will frame a discussion and presentation of digital and locative media art works which engage with water and climate issues.

    The  panel  highlights  the  importance  of  giving  rightful  recognition  to  knowledge  keepers  and  provides  some  guidance  for  readers  interested  in  developing  productive  and  respectful  partnerships  with  First  Nations  collaborators.  Here  knowledge  can  be  safely  shared  and  celebrated as ways  to understand  the world around us  that are restorative and regenerative. The discussion builds on discussions and presentations by speakers and participants at LMO.