“Form and Time / decentering sites of art studio pedagogy” presented by Doyle, Jones and Lopez


Session Title:

  • Critical Research, Maker Culture and Art Studios

Presentation Title:

  • Form and Time / decentering sites of art studio pedagogy




  • From the art school’s studio-based format, the authors situate Form and Time as a Studio Presentation course. Scheduled to launch on campus in Fall 2020, the course pivoted to fully remote. Thematic units of Space, Form and Time were explored in synchronous meetings and asynchronous video lectures and micro-workshops.

    Studio Presentation courses can engage art students in dispersed, interdisciplinary research-creation networks, through strategies including a diversity of fabrication options, DIY and place-based knowledge and accessibility as approaches to meaning through making.

    The authors ask: how can hands-on fabrication skills and health and safety instruction be incorporated into large format studio courses? When is face-to-face, hands-on learning crucial and for whom? How can virtual studios be used for community collaboration and exhibition opportunities, online and in-person?

    Form and Time and its collaborators in WebXR foreshadow new modes of art school studio delivery that decenter and critically intersect with studio precedents suddenly disrupted by remote learning during COVID-19.