“From Aleatoric Machines to the Future Sounds of Folk” presented by Chia


Session Title:

  • Sonic Strategies

Presentation Title:

  • From Aleatoric Machines to the Future Sounds of Folk




  • What follows is a condensed run through of the various processes that have directed my research and practice over the past years, in search for my own narrative in relation to my sound/performance practice and the sounds of the post-folk.

    Sun Ra Lives on in the Fiber-optics
    Around 2007, after trying my hand at building various stochastic musical instruments based on simple deterministic and non-deterministic systems, I turned to streaming networks to provide the ever present instability and randomness to the instrument, mixed with an equal dosage of system overloads, the Bufferrrbreakkkdownnn Arkestra was born. Rather than playing notes, or triggering samples, I was playing the networks, by controlling the concurrent sending and receiving of 8 sine tones of different frequencies to and from 8 separate streaming servers.

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