“From Sketches to Scenes: How to Develop Games” presented by Bandeira, Aguiar and Ciffoni


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  • Theorizing Game Design

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  • From Sketches to Scenes: How to Develop Games




  • The new digital technology images

    The easy access and crescent use of computer systems provide the possibilities to domain and acquire knowledge about the production of images, bringing the convergence over other languages and representation techniques.. To produce entertainment contents, creational process is quite the same when compared to traditional medias. Poissant quoting: “Changing attitudes are essential, either spirit or body, to capture when those images are innovative and how are they fundamentally transforming our environment.

    At first, they permit access under a sensible way to a variety of universes to which the representative forms would stay abstract without the visualization that computers permit. After all, such images using animation can reproduce objects or process motion or the creation and metamorphosis from the image itself”. According to Couchot, it was not only image morphology that has changed or its generation methods but the way to distribute, transmit, reproduce, store, spread and finally, socialize. By this way, from the very moment of image creation, developed with calculation or language, the representational view and its relationship with real things and with the imaginative and, in widely way with the symbolic economics of society were strongly modified. Images of synthetic results appears when the image source is not found in any image or real object but only in a computational process or when the mathematical  description precedes any other information.

    Technological development cause a wide source of impacts in perception and artistic creation of images, according to Poissant, Couchot  and Rush, “with Technologic Art the expression media itself changes radically when technology change”. The mathematical description of an object, in the case of images of synthesis can offer, according to Couchot, another information about itself and environmental relationship. That information happens to be fundamental for game production and, for example, to animate characters, body modeling and motion, like walk or run. Image can have a relation with real models and previous knowledge. In this way, to simulate, for example, a body over water, with the running river and under rain, algorithm construction and numeric matrix will certainly obey the optical models for light refraction under water and hydrodynamics process of a river flowing among stones.

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