“From Space to Interface” presented by Jefferies


Presentation Title:

  • From Space to Interface



  • The artwork is in essence a participatory experience in which the viewer in their interaction with the artwork, will generate a digital sculpture that responds to both individual and collaborative action. This project utilises Augmented Reality technology as a conduit to deliver adaptive and self-generating material that responds to the physical actions of the participants. Contained within the physical space a large-scale artwork will be hung on one wall, this piece will act as a ‘natural feature’ target, which will instigate an augmented reality response.

    Viewers will experience a digital response via a connected device. Initially a simple grey cube will appear to hover in 3D in front of the physical artwork, however when a participant interrupts the line of sight between the physical artwork and the device camera this will instigate a reaction and the grey cube will evolve.

    This evolution will respond directly to the position of the participants, with a huge variety of self-generative outcomes that are dependent on their actions and interaction. Collaboration and experimentation is required of the participants in order for the full complexity to be revealed.