Frozen: Exploring creativity and the process of making using photogrammetry


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  • Smart Materials

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  • Frozen: Exploring creativity and the process of making using photogrammetry



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    Keywords: 3D printing, sampling, craft, making, photogrammetry, CNC machining, prototyping, design, copyright, authorship.

    The ability to capture, remake, reinterpret, is fundamental to the process of making. The physical act of drawing repositions ideas thus enabling us to re-imagine them and move forward with new concepts. Translating what we see into a new medium gives us a fresh insight. Another way of taking a fresh look is through sampling. This has existed for some time in 2D image making, and more recently digitisation of audio has created a new genre of music making. The physicality of 3D objects presents a different challenge. 3D printing is becoming commonplace; yet there is little discussion about where data for these objects comes from. Technologies for capturing 3D data are primarily expensive, slow and require detailed calibration, but one emergent technology which could change this is photogrammetry, which has roots as old as photography itself. Also known as remote sensing, photogrammetry allows objects to be measured without being touched. Cloud based technology has removed the limitations of desktop computing, simultaneously increasing the scope of objects which can be captured, and democratising the process. Using open software and capture mechanisms I explore the nature of ownership and the role of the maker when 3D capture becomes commonplace.                                                                                                                    Collaborators:
    David Jones, Ceramic Artist, Corsham.
    Charlie Harry Francis, Ice Cream Artist

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