“g_olo_g: Choreographing with Networked Mobile Media” presented by Polli, Fussell and McCauley


Presentation Title:

  • g_olo_g: Choreographing with Networked Mobile Media



  • How have networked, mobile media transformed our movement vocabularies? How can choreography transform through the use of networked, mobile media in performance? This short demonstration presents ideas for Interdisciplinary choreographic experiments using smartphone video conferencing, video projection, dancers, movement and sound created in a collaborative process with graduate and undergraduate students at the University of New Mexico and from the Glasgow School of Art. Referencing the choreography of mobile media interaction: the selfie, the security webcam, the gopro, and skype, how can performers convey this more personal, private meaning to an audience in a public performance, and how can performances evolve between actual public and private space?
    For the demonstration we will have at least one performer in the space physically and at least one presenting virtually through smartphone camera. We will develop a short demonstration choreography/duet that examines one or more of the following:

    The depth of the physical stage space versus a flat, projected virtual space
    The vertical, horizontal and transverse axes of the dancers compared to the tilt axis of the mobile devices
    Speed and acceleration of movement and the corresponding effect on real time mobile video
    Levels of movement: high, low and mid level for the dancers and the corresponding or contrasting positioning of mobile devices
    Interactions between dancers in physical space versus interactions between performers in physical and virtual space
    Public physical space versus projected private space