“Garments for Uncomfortable Social Situations” presented by Koninck


Presentation Title:

  • Garments for Uncomfortable Social Situations



  • To create a textile where the entire surface is pressure sensitive for use in a series of garments exploring my body language and social anxieties. Making a pressure sensor involves a sandwiching of conductive and resistive material. And this only allows for the sensors to be placed strategically. The individual sensors then all have to wired up. I would like to simplify all of that. By weaving with a waffle structure and a conductive yarn with high resistance, the entire textile becomes a sensor.
    Waffle weave is a very complex and three-dimensional structure. When woven with a conductive material, it can act as a pressure sensor. Having a material where the entire surface is a sensor will allow me to collect and use data from all over the body. When I am uncomfortable, I contort and twist my up my body along with whatever I am wearing. I would like to use the pressure sensitive textile to create garments that can have a sonic response to the twisting up of my body. Having the entire textile as a sensor means that it can respond no matter what I am doing. The textile would allow response on an individual level.