Glitch Studies Manifesto


Session Title:

  • Media, Languages, New Vocabularies

Presentation Title:

  • Glitch Studies Manifesto




  • In my opinion Glitchspeak is a vocabulary of new expressions; an always growing language, that can be used as an exoskeleton of progress. These acts teach something about the inherent norms, presumptions and expectations of former utterances. They can make apparent what is not being said or what is intentionally left out. But, I also realize that the gospel of glitch art sings about new norms implemented by corruption and as such, can have sublimely devastating consequences.

    The Glitch Studies Manifesto, which I published in January of2010, has gotten a lot of appreciation from many different fields and perspectives; for instance, the manifest found a place in the prestigious File exhibition in Brazil, was presented in Video Vortex in the Atomium in Brussels (and many other conferences) will be published in a book and was even performed as a live television event, together with Goto80.

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