God and Silicon: Better Eternal Living Through Technology

  • ©ISEA94: Fifth International Symposium on Electronic Art, Gregory Patrick Garvey, God and Silicon: Better Eternal Living Through Technology


Session Title:

  • Futurics (Artists in Cyberculture: Spacecapes)

Presentation Title:

  • God and Silicon: Better Eternal Living Through Technology



  • Panel Statement

    Panel: Futurics

    Father Interactive of the Order of the Binary Brothers, just recently unmasked by the tabloids as the founder of the Cult of the Fibonacci Series and former lead singer for MYLAR, the seventies fin de decade, no wave group with such forgettable hits as “Self-surgery, “Micro-wave atrocities, (Put your poodle in the micro-wave!)” “Meltdown” takes to the podium to deliver not the old, not the new but the generation neXt Testament – Eternal Investment strategies brought to you by the Digital Religious and Electronics Corporation (DREC).

    With missionary zeal Father Interactive will explain the marketing techniques that have made Automatic Confession Machine such an outstanding success in Europe and North America. With evangelical fervor Father Interactive will reveal the very strategies he used to match wits in Zurich with theologians, marketing czars and investment quants from the Vatican even taking on a representative of the Dominicans (the very order that ran the Inquisition). Leveraging to the max the proprietary neural net software developed for the Automatic Confession Machine, Father Interactive will unveil the Seven Sacrament Product line for point of purchase sales all providing the same patented convenience of the touch of the “AMEN” key. Pay per confession is just the beginning of a vast new digital information service that offers both users (sinners) greater ease of use and religious service providers a competitive edge over the conventional brick and mortar religious service approach. Of special interest will be a  discussion of new financial instruments such as the Mortal Sin Mutual Fund. Invest now, be saved or drop out!