Helsinki Mediascape: A Journey to a Media Landscape


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  • Helsinki Mediascape: A Journey to a Media Landscape



  • Intro

    HELSINKI MEDIASCAPE is an arts and media project in three parts: live tv broadcast show, documentary project and interactive CD-Rom project. HELSINKI MEDIASCAPE studies the language, esthetics and contents of electronic and media environment. HELSINKI MEDIASCAPE will be realizied by 40 professionals on media and 70 finnish art students of Theatre Academy, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Sibelius-Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki University of Technology and Radio- and Television- Institute of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE). The patron of HELSINKI MEDIASCAPE is the Director General of Finnish Broadcasting Company, mr. Arne Wessberg.

    HELSINKI MEDIASCAPE is a large collaboration on media art and media culture between KROMA Productions Ltd, the Finnish art academies and main national tv-channel TV 1. The project will be completed and produced within a centre of media arts, The Magnusborg Studios where the
    high quality production facilities will be provided by the companies of the centre. The production company in charge, KROMA Productions Ltd. is specialized in media arts and cultural programs.