“Hexagram Network – Emergence/Y” presented by Freire, Audry and Salter


Session Title:

  • Networks and Communities

Presentation Title:

  • Hexagram Network – Emergence/Y




  • Over the last 20 years, Hexagram has played a seminal role in the recognition of practice-based art and design research in Canada and abroad, as well as in promoting knowledge-sharing between artistic and scientific disciplines. Founded in 2001, Hexagram  supports research-creation projects and foster collaborations amongst its members from eight Québec research institutions, as well as with local and international partners from academic, cultural and creative sectors. To celebrate this milestone, in September 2021 Hexagram initiated an ambitious season programming on the theme EMERGENCE/Y, which launched in the framework of Ars Electronica 2021. This research-creation (RC) programme of activities will run until June 2022. Hexagram presents the highlights and the sequel to EMERGENCE/Y, to which Network members as well as international partners are invited to contribute.


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