“History and Theory of Intermedia in Visual Culture” presented by Spielmann


Session Title:

  • History and Theory of the Art and Technology Interface

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  • History and Theory of Intermedia in Visual Culture



  • Taking as a starting point the history and the discourse of intermedia, my paper relates to the current debates of intermedia describing the phenomena of crossing the borders between traditional media (such as painting and photography) and contemporary media (such as cinema, television, video, and digital technologies). What I am interested in is to show the ways that the processes of interrelation are transforming the notion of the image. From that point of view I will focus on the visual devices of intermedia in recent media art.


    Intermedia, multimedia, hypertext, and other related terms are common in the contemporary debates on recent developments in new media. Evidently, a variety of terms are used to name processes in which there is an interrelationship, a dialogue between two elements of differing media. The variety of names is a reflection of the current media debate which tries to comprehend, to determine and to communicate the combinations of diverse and heterogenous elements which are recognizable within the recent developments of audio-visual media. Approaches in Cultural and Media Studies, semiotic and formal theories, when viewed together show the difficulties to come to terms with those new forms effected by the ways that elements of different media relate to each other.


    Full text p.61-62

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