“Horizontal Radio a Telematic Radio Network Project Abstract” presented by Grundmann and Stocker


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  • Horizontal Radio a Telematic Radio Network Project Abstract



  • 24 hours live on the frequencies of many radio stations in Australia, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Israel. In the Internet and at the network intersections in Athens,
    Belgrade. Berlin, Bologna, Bolzano, Budapest, Edmonton, Helsinki, Hobarth, Innsbruck, Jerusalem, Linz, London, Madrid. Montreal, Moscow, Munich, Naples, QuCbec, Rome, San
    Marino, Sarajevo, Sydney, Stockholm. Vancouver. June, 22 noon to June, 23 noon (CET), 1995.

    HORIZONTAL RADIO was a telematic radio network project, that took place simultaneously at different locations, in different media and on different frequencies and band-widths. The starting point was the analogue cable and broadcasting network of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), which served as a primary telematic sphere of action and was connected in several cases to independent radiostations or interfered with by pirate radio. Linked to this network was the Internet, which served as a medium of access and distribution beyond the broadcasting range of the participating radio stations but also in some aspects as a possibility to influence the broadcasts.

    A co-production between the Ars Acustica experts group of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union) and TRANSIT KUNSTRADIO (Austrian National Broadcasting Corp.) and the Ars Electronica Fesfival’95. 

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