“Hyper-augmented Reality: Looking at AR Through Some Old Postmodern Goggles” presented by Berry


Session Title:

  • Hyperreality

Presentation Title:

  • Hyper-augmented Reality: Looking at AR Through Some Old Postmodern Goggles




  • The canonical writings on augmented reality re-examined though the cultural lenses of post/ hypermodernism, focusing on Baudrillard and Virilio and video-see-through augmented reality.

    Augmented reality (AR) refers to a family of technologies that allows us to see images of the real world and computer generated images in the same field of view in such a way that they appear to be part of the same reality. It has existed as a field of research for more than a decade but most theoretical writings confine themselves to technological problems and evaluation of their solutions, or to attempts to taxonomise the solutions in some way. The actual content, and issues surrounding its design, is mostly ignored.

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