HyperImage Reloaded: The Expansion of the Photographic Image in Virtual Spaces


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  • Photography and the Virtual

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  • HyperImage Reloaded: The Expansion of the Photographic Image in Virtual Spaces




  • The proposed lecture “HYPERIMAGE reloaded. The expansion of the photographic image in virtual spaces” is based on the ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration between the artistic practice (by Hanakam & Schuller; artists, Vienna/Austria) and the art/cultural sciences (by Karin Mihatsch; researcher, Paris/France). “HYPERIMAGE reloaded” will broaden and deepen some of the issues raised during the interworking for the online-work “Palaces & Courts”. “Palaces & Courts”, by Hanakam & Schuller questions the structures on the Internet. The work – based on the imagination of photography – was created within the ongoing discourse with the researcher Mihatsch. Thereupon she has written the essay “Photographic Representations of Imaginary and Its Beholders in the Light of Web 2.0.” to refer “Palaces & Courts” to a theoretical background.

    In this context, some of these issues were critically examined on the occasion of a panel discussion named “HYPERIMAGE. The expansion of the photographic image in virtual spaces” (Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna/Austria, 2010). “HYPERIMAGE reloaded” will broaden and deepen the raised themes by focusing on the references to “Palaces & Courts”.

    By his concept of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee paved the way to a wide distribution of images on the Internet starting in 1990. Images on the Internet follow other regularities than the printed images and are committed to the process: links between images may be set by respecting a network or structure called “Hyperimage”. According to this structure, any image can be integrated in any network or sequence. These sequences may be narrative or not, transparent or not. As mentionned, images on the Internet have a processual character contrary to printed images; but they can loose this characteristic by being transferred to another medium.

    By referring to the idea of ”Hyperimage” to the work “Palaces & Courts”, Mihatsch and Hanakam & Schuller evoke the following sections in the lecture ”HYPERIMAGE reloaded”:

    1. from exhibition structures and guiding systems to image structuring in networks
    2. narrative aspects, associations and role of the beholder in hierarchical and net-like structures
    3. photography in the light of the transformation of its materiality in depictions of exhibitions, printed and online exhibition catalogues.

    The lecture by Mihatsch and Hanakam & Schuller will not only deal with theoretical practice but also with artistic practice.

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