Session Title:

  • Fiction and Writing

Presentation Title:

  • IceBorg



  • Enter an exciting, entertaining and mysterious virtual world, an interactive 3D environment where you meet, compete, and socialize in real time with other people logged in from around the world. An art work where you the viewer are able to create, inhabit and explore. An interactive story which you join into. A community which you are a part of. A social art work which entertains and educates. IceBorg is all these and more.

    Created by an international team headed by renowned media artists Merja Puustinen and Andy Best from MEET Factory, Helsinki, with team members from Finland, Russia, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Canada and the United States.

    IceBorg is part of the Helsinki 2000 European City of Culture artistic program, and is reproduced by MEET Factory and the Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada.