“Ideology of Interactivity: Freedom, Choice, Creativity Panel Introduction” presented by Sawchuk and Richards


Session Title:

  • The Ideology of Interactivity: Freedom, Choice, Creativity

Presentation Title:

  • Ideology of Interactivity: Freedom, Choice, Creativity Panel Introduction




  • Within the domains of both popular culture and the arts, interactivity is a key promise of new computer-based media technologies. This panel will explore the metaphors of freedom, choice and creativity as depicted in current conceptions of interactivity. The discourse of interactivity will be enlarged to include discussions of power as it is related to aesthetics.

    This panel will critique interactivity, often considered to be a defining feature of new media art works and its links with notions of freedom, choice and creativity. It will consider power and control as they are related to aesthetic issues and includes such questions as: what can the notion of freedom represent when artists determine interactive environments and artificial life works; has the nineteenth century conception of the artist, an emblem of freedom, choice and creativity, been imported into new media; if so, does it fit too comfortably within the ideological perception of technology itself?