Immersive Media Event Experiments: Between Hybrid TV and 3D-VJ


Session Title:

  • Immersive Environments

Presentation Title:

  • Immersive Media Event Experiments: Between Hybrid TV and 3D-VJ




  • Immersive multimedia in its various forms –multiple and urban screens, large scale projections, specialised venues like 3-D cinemas, planetariums and also 3-D displays sets for home TV entertainment and gaming are on rise. Beyond audience adaptation to the novelty of the format itself, its technical advances, the new situation also demands for new type of content and tools.

    During 2010 – Art Research Lab (MPLAB) and the Liepaja University has indented to run series of events, ranging from workshops to pilot projects using various formats of immersive multimedia, as tool for creativity and new type content research, specialising on live performance aspects.

    Presented will be overview of several projects planned for 2010 in Liepaja University, RIXC – Riga, as well as partner institutions – the Norrkoping Visualisation Centre (Sweden), Aarhus Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction – CAVI in Aarhus, Denmark, Tampere University, Finland.

    Among projects would be Janis Garancs’ project series called ‘AVxD Etudes’, Project prototype RealityMixerTV and ‘VR4VR interface’ system prototypes for creative content during live events on stage, connected venues, and VR Theatres/Domes.   Description of theoretical intentions and experience with artist’s customised toolset – integration of software (realtime 3D/VR engine, VJ software) and hardware – (rack of surveillance videocameras, video mixers and several input devices) as interactive platform for immersive multimedia performances and 3D-Vj’ing.