“In Favour of Computer Art” presented by Schneider


Session Title:

  • History of Computer Art

Presentation Title:

  • In Favour of Computer Art




  • On the occasion of this year’s ISEA Symposium in Germany the Gesellschaft für Elektronische Kunst Gladbeck/Cologne (Electronic Art Society) took the opportunity to set a time mark. It means a kind of halt and reflection on the passed developments of activities around electronic art, especially computer graphic art.

    Why now? And how did it happen?
    A quarter of a century ago we could intensify the exhibition programme in Gladbeck by starting a separate art gallery beside the existing town museum. Facing a broad cultural and artistic background in the Ruhr and Rhine region with institutions focusing on their mutual specific topics in exhibiton and collecting policies in the arts Gladbeck’s challenge was to find it’s special niche in surroundings like these. By chance a contact to an additional exhibit of works in computer graphics along with the C 84 Cologne Fair initiated the idea of transferring the activity to the Gladbeck Gallery and developing it to an open competition worldwide.

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