In Silico et in Situ


Presentation Title:

  • In Silico et in Situ



  • In silico et in situ proposes to takes the art out of the gallery and into the environment by creating site-specific installations through the use of 3D scanning and printing technology. After manipulating the source material virtually (in silico) with 3D software, the sculptures are physically manifested through the use 3D printing in a variety of materials and then placed back into either nature or the urban environment (in situ), where the source material was harvested (3D scanned) or inspired from. As the pieces become publicly accessible they allow for a playful discovery of the work. The landscape is intricately linked with the artwork, converging in the creation of contemporary voxel sculptures. In silico et in situ: fauna habitats: Pollinator waterers, Spider Rings and Turtle platforms are developed via 3D printing to co-exist as sculptures and fauna habitats.