Individual, Information, Interaction


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  • French Institute of Architecture — Information Architecture and Urban-scapes

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  • Individual, Information, Interaction



  • From the robot to avatars, from the machine to information, from the movement to the interaction, the relation between man and technique evolves following the rhythm of innovations, between dependence and diversion, fascination and dismissal. To emergent needs corresponds the unceasing production of services and products that characterize the new economy of information. The man, as much as an inventor as a consumer of that new technologies is invited to reconsider the world that he lives, assimilated to a variable sum of information being able to constantly be rearranged, recombined, and maybe duplicated to create parallel simulated environments. The architecture is not without proposal to welcome the proliferation of new interfaces and to answer to the questions concerning the adequacy of the conventional conception of space to the new practices of this one. Since 30 years, architects multiply projects, employing as much the capacities of new technologies as the metaphors associated to information to establish the bases of a conception of space that would adhere to the paradigms of our present society, organised around the informational networks.