“Information non-place as a mirror of glocal subconsiousness” presented by Ozog


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  • Positioning local and global transactions

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  • Information non-place as a mirror of glocal subconsiousness




  • Abstract

    emergence of data-double
    One of the principles of modern meta-narration was the myth of total visibility. Transparency, recognized as an effect of rationalization and development of technology, was closely related to the issues of power and control. While referring to the idea of panopticon Foucault pointed out the importance of the transparencycontrol-power relationship, which defined specific characteristics of modernity but, at the same time, he stressed the utopian character of the modern project. Nowadays, together with the development of various types of surveillance technologies (from CCTV to satellites and biometrics) it seems that the idea of transparency is being realised in material form. Though commonness of optical and post-optical surveillance is not in doubt, its influence on broadening spheres of visibility seems problematic. The inflation of the information obtained makes a proper analysis nearly impossible and in fact causes opposite effect – instead of being transparent the reality of more and more data creates a complicated labyrinth of data. Surveillance technologies together with the popularization of wireless, wearable, and mobile technologies, this labyrinth of data becomes a hybrid reality which is invisible. Analysing the specific forms of digital surveillance Kevin Haggerty and Richard Ericson indicated that the strongest characteristic is the phenomenon of surveillance assemblage. (Haggerty and Erckson 2000). In the age of total information digitalization, control is based mainly on the gaining, storing and processing of data. This process engages various sources of information which, albeit operating with different motivations and aims, constitute a coherent network. Surveillance assemblage consists in an exchange of information which consequently leads to profiling a shadow of reality called ‘data double’.

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