Interactive Arts at Manchester: Creative Futures


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  • Short Paper Presentations

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  • Interactive Arts at Manchester: Creative Futures



  • A description of the recent innovatory breakthrough BA (Hons.) Interactive Arts course in the Department of Fine Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University. A course written only five years ago, it is already being used as a model for developments in the UK and internationally.

    “The atmosphere that encourages innovative creativity within students is a non-hierarchical atmosphere. It is an atmosphere where the contributions of everyone are equally welcomed. Therefore, this course in its operation will attempt to be as democratic as is possible. It will have democratic processes built into its structure that will empower the student towards responsibility for his/her own programme of learning by the end of the course. In this, the course is student-centred and constructed around the strong belief in the benefits of interaction, teamwork and dialogue. The course will deliberately challenge the idea that experts and technicians should be seen as the sole arbiters of their respective fields. In a spirit of democratic creativity, an atmosphere of receptiveness to new ideas and patterns of thinking will be generated. Innovative linkages of ideas and processes will be encouraged, regardless of their source, origin, or previous categorisation. This course will develop techniques of thinking and doing which will equip the student for the emergent future.”
    -from BA (Hons.) Interactive Arts, Course Philosophy